Casket Information and Components

The finish, interior fabric, corner shapes, and hardware contribute to the value of caskets.

Exterior or Shell: the component parts that compose the cap or lid, and the body or base of the casket.
Half Couch: a casket in which the cap is divided into two parts. During viewing, only the pillow end remains open.
Full Couch: a casket in which the cap is one part. During viewing, the feet are usually covered with a blanket.
Finish: the color or stain used on the shell combined with the way it is applied. A metal casket can be painted or brushed, a wood casket can be satin or gloss. Caskets with a brushed or hand rubbed gloss finish will usually cost more.
a. Body/Base: the portion of the shell containing the top body molding, body panel, base molding, and casket bottom.
b. Cap: the lid; the top-most part of the casket shell.
c. Corner: the part of the casket where the ends and sides of the body meet. This can be straight, curved, or urn style. A casket with straight sides and corners will usually be less expensive. On some caskets, “corner art” can be added.

h. Arm: part of the handle that attaches the bar to the lug.
i. Lug: the part of the handle attached to the casket body.
j. Handle: the bar.
Swing bar: movable casket handle with a hinged arm.
Stationary bar: non-movable casket handle.

Interior: parts and fabric that form the inside of the casket that surrounds a resting body. Most often, the fabric is velvet or crepe. A velvet interior will typically cost more than crepe.
d. Cap Panel: part of the casket interior that lines the inside of the cap or lid. Often found in a variety of different designs. Can be embroidered or customized.
e. Overlay: also called a throw. The aesthetic covering for the foot cap or inner foot panel of the casket. In a full couch casket, this is a full blanket. Can be embroidered for a more personal touch.
f. Extendover: portion of the interior which extends over the top body molding outside the casket.
g. Pillow: cushion to support the head.

Wood Caskets

There are two categories of wood caskets to consider when making a selection:

  • Hard woods: Woods, such as mahogany, cherry, maple and oak: these caskets are made from deciduous trees, or trees that lose their leaves in winter. Due to the hardness of the wood, the caskets will endure over a longer time.
  • Soft woods: Poplar, pine, or veneers: these caskets are made from evergreen trees, like pine or spruce, that retain their needles year around. These woods are usually softer, but will often be less expensive than hardwoods.

Regency (Mahogany)
Winfield (Cherry)
Malorie (Maple)
Realtree (Oak)*
Harrington (Oak)*
Duvalais (Oak)
Amherst (Oak)*

Livingston (Oak Veneer)
Adirondack (Pine)
Artisan (Poplar)*
Preston (Poplar)*
Carter (Poplar)*
Longley (Laminated Medium Cherry)
Rental Oak

While the majority of our caskets are supplied through Matthews Casket Company, the caskets noted with an asterisk are provided by Schuylkill Haven Casket Company.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets are categorized by the metals they are made from:

  • Bronze and copper, which are naturally non-rusting metals.
  • Stainless steel is a rust resistant metal made of carbon steel, chromium, and in some cases, nickel.
  • Regular steel, which is composed of iron and carbon, and comes in 3 thicknesses; 16, 18, and 20 gauge.

Metal caskets may also have a gasket between the base and the lid. During construction of the casket, the gasket is added to resist the entrance of outside elements into the casket once it is closed.

Court (Bronze)
Lincoln (Copper)
Champagne Rose (Stainless Steel)
Sanctuary (Stainless Steel)
Onyx (Stainless Steel)
Parthenon (16 Gauge)

Neopolitan (18 Gauge)
Sierra (18 Gauge)
Revere (18 Gauge)
Monarch (20 Gauge)
Valencia (20 Gauge)
Sutton B (20 Gauge Non-Gasket)
Bradford (20 Gauge Non-Gasket)

The caskets depicted are representations of the varieties available, however there are more to choose from than what is reflected on the website. Feel free to contact us for more information about other available caskets and prices. An average casket is approximately 28″ wide x 83″ long. Larger size and children’s caskets are also available.