Metal Caskets

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Court (32 oz. Bronze) – The casket shown here has a brushed natural and smoky grey finish with a silver velvet interior.

It is also available in a brushed natural and silver rose finish with a pink velvet interior.

Lincoln (32 oz. Copper) – Shown with a brushed natural with lilac finish and pink velvet interior, for those searching for a more feminine selection.

This casket is also available in:
Brushed natural with heritage bronze finish, and an almond velvet interior.

Onyx (Stainless Steel) – Brushed natural and ebony finish with silver velvet interior.

Champagne Rose (Stainless) – This casket comes in a brushed natural, rosebud and tuscan bronze finish. The interior is pink velvet.

Sanctuary (Stainless) – has a natural brushed blue with diamond blue finish and a blue velvet interior.

Parthenon (16 guage) – Shown in brushed Aztec gold with gold finish. The interior is lined with arbutus velvet.

Also available: Brushed elgin gold and metallic bronze finish with an arbutus velvet interior.

Neopolitan Spruce blue(18 gauge) – Spruce blue finish with a blue crepe interior.

Neopolitan Platinum(18 gauge) – Platinum finish and blue crepe interior. This casket has an embroidered flag in the back panel which makes it a very appropriate selection for a veteran.

Sierra (18 Gauge) – Alemeda rose and metallic bronze finish with rosetan crepe interior.
Also available in 3 other colors: Monarch blue and spruce blue finish with blue crepe interior. Silver and dark gunmetal finish with white crepe interior. Silver rose and antique white finish with satin rose arbor pink interior.

Revere ( 18 Gauge) – This casket is available in a venetian bronze finish with a rosetone crepe interior.

Monarch (20 Gauge) – Shown in white shaded with tiffany gold finish and a white crepe interior. This casket also has five other finishes:
Sandstone metallic finish with rosetone crepe interior. Charcoal finish with white crepe interior.
Colonial bronze shaded with venetian bronze, rosetone crepe interior. Monarch blue shaded with spruce blue, light blue crepe interior. Silver rose shaded with silver finish and rosetone crepe interior.

Valencia (20 Gauge) – Light orchid finish exterior with a pink crepe interior. Also available in: Silver with white crepe. Autumn haze with Moselle crepe. London blue with light blue crepe. White with Moselle crepe.

Sutton B – (20 gauge non-gasketed) – White finish exterior with pink crepe interior as shown, or with white interior.
Also available in five other colors.

Bradford – (20 gauge non-gasketed) – Copper finish with rosetone crepe interior.
Also available:
Silver finish with white crepe interior.