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Wood, which is naturally found in trees and plants, has been used for thousands of years in many applications from artwork to construction. Selecting an urn that is made from wood is a way of memorializing a loved one with nature and beauty.

The Presidential Urn

A beautiful wood urn made from solid hardwood with an exquisite finish featuring a sliding top.

Dimensions: 12″ wide, 8.5″ deep, 7.25″ tall, 250 cubic inches

Flag Case Urn

Paired with premium hand-crafted flag case to create the ultimate service tribute. Skillfully crafted from solid oak in a light or dark finish.

Flag case: 24″ wide, 4″ deep, 12.75″ tall
Pedestal: 22.5″ wide, 4″ deep, 5″ tall
220 cubic inches

Cherry Statesman Urn

Skillfully crafted from solid hardwood cherry finish and gently rounded corners featuring the natural beauty of the wood grain.
Also available in solid light and dark oak.

Dimensions: 6.3″ wide, 6.3″ deep, 8.5″ tall, 200 cubic inches


A picture frame urn provides a personal touch to an urn, and is a unique way to memorialize a loved one.


Available in cherry or walnut, this picture frame conceals a sheet bronze urn, making provisions for an 8″ x 10″ photograph to be displayed.

Dimensions: 8″ wide, 10″ tall, 200 cubic inches

Large Photo Urn – Cherry

This urn is made of solid wood with a cherry finish. It features a secure magnetic picture frame, allowing the picture to be changed without disturbing the cremated remains.

Outer Dimensions: 10″ wide, 3.75″ deep, 12″ tall, 222 cubic inches

Howard Miller Picture Frame Chest

Features a high-gloss Rosewood Hall finish on select hardwoods and veneers. The feet are round and finished with polished brass. The photo frame holds a 5″ x 7″ photo.

Outer Dimensions: 11″ high, 10 ¼” wide, 6 ¾” deep, 240 cubic inches


Bronze is a non-rusting alloy consisting primarily of copper, mixed with tin and several other metals. Its one of the most innovative alloys known to man, making it a classic choice in an urn.

Sheet Bronze

This Bronze Urn is carefully fabricated and finished in .016 sheet bronze with a brushed finish in a modern form.

Dimensions: 5.7″ wide, 5.7″ deep, 7″ high, 212 cubic inches

The Avalon Bronze Urn

This is a seamless sheet bronze urn with a brushed finish.

Dimensions: 5.6″ wide, 5.6″ deep, 7.1″ high, 212 cubic inches


A bronze urn can be personalized with an engraving or by adding an applique or emblem.

Emblems available with or without wreath, measuring 2″ in


Brass is a non-rusting alloy made of zinc and copper. Urns found in the brass collection have a 200 cubic inch capacity. While a few are shown here, there are more styles available. Most also come in keepsake size.

Emerald Green

This urn is hand-crafted with a dark green and gold finish featuring an etched floral pattern.

Dimensions: 10.5″ high, 6″ wide

Gold Chalice

Featuring a classic chalice shape, with a gold finish and three stately lines. Also available in pewter.

Dimensions: 11.9″ high, 7.6″ wide

Black Engraved Urn

Is a hand-crafted, timeless urn with a beautiful etched pattern on a black finish.

Dimensions: 10.2″ high, 7.3″ wide

Pewter Classic

An urn with a soft pewter finish featuring a set of three stripes giving it an elegant look. Also available with a gold finish. Portion urn available as well as keepsake.

Full size: 10.6″ high, 6″ wide, 200 cubic inches
Portion size: 5.7″ high, 3.9″ wide, 40 cubic inches

Stainless Steel


Hand Painted

Mother of Pearl